Swimming event for Human People on May 11

Two exceptional young people, the famous nutritionist and polynikis swimmer Tonia Machaira and triathlete Lefteris Paraskevas, who represented successfully Greece in international CELTMAN contest in Scotland 2013, join in the effort of the organization HUMAN PEOPLE, to eliminate homelessness exhibit.
On May 11 at 9 am at the pool of the Neo Psychiko Sports Center, Lefteris Paraskevas and Tonia Machaira organize a swimming event under the auspices of the Municipality of Filothei-Neo Psychiko. Its goal is to gather as much money, clothing, food or other useful goods for the needs of the homeless.
The pool is divided into six tracks, each with a different activity and different participation fee.
• Route 1: learning technique from Tony Machaira, Alexander Tsolto and Lefteris Paraskevas. Cost 15 euros. Learning Duration 20 minutes per participant.
• Route 2: 2 hour swim straight with one five minute break. Cost 15 euros. (There will be volunteers who will count the kilometers traveled by every participant)
• Routes 3-4: 1 hour swimming without a break. Cost 10 euros. (There will be volunteers who will count the kilometers traveled by each participant)
• Routes 5-6: swimming in relay format. Swimmers will choose how long they shall swim. Cost 10 euros and a 15 minutes maximum time of swimming.
The money raised from the event will be used in purchasing furniture and household equipment at cost price from stores “Andreadis homestores”.
Those wishing to provide food, clothing, furniture or household equipment without partcipating in the event can come from 9-12 am at the swimming pool where there will be a special screening room.
Objects, food and furniture will be given to nonprofit organization HUMAN PEOPLE, responsible for the care of socially burdensome and our homeless fellowmen.
PLEASE spread the word.