Charity Concert June 29, 2015

The non-profit organization "Human People", organizes a concert for the benefit of our fellowmen Homeless, on Monday, June 29, 2015 at 21:00, in the atrium of the Palais Duchess of Placentia in Penteli.
The event is presented by the composer and singer Mr. Christos Nikolopoulos accompanied by Ms. Eleni Roda, Ms. Lizeta Nicholas, Mr. Yiannis Petropoulos, Mr. Costas Christou and other artists.
We thank the artists for their contribution and the Penteli Municipality for the allocation of space.
The ticket price is 10 euros.

Charity Concert Thursday 05.28.2015

It will be our pleasure and honor that you attend the Art Event for Homeless fellowmen, in the atrium of the Palais Duchess of Plaisance, ceded by the Municipality of Penteli, on
Thursday, May 28, 2015, at 20:30
The German Youth Symphony Orchestra Neckarsulm - 100 Artists -and the soprano Antonella Orefice, in collaboration with the Ancient Elis International Festival will selflessly offer us an unforgettable evening.
Ticket price 10 euros.
We are most thankful to the Penteli Municipality and the Artists.

Concert for the Homeless

A concert full of love is presented by Harry Varthakouris, Stelios Dionysiou and Gregory Bithikotsis Monday, on June 23 at 8.30 pm, at the Duchess of Placentia Palace in Penteli.
The three artists responded positively to the call of the non-profit organization "Human People",, giving a wonderful night full of love and songs, the proceeds of which will be given for the purposes of the organization.
A wonderful night full of songs, known and loved by all of us. An overview on the most important songs of their fathers, Harry, Stelios and Gregory joined forces two years ago in order to present in their own way the songs interpreted by three great voices: Giannis Parios, Stratos Dionysiou and Gregory Bithikotsis!
On Monday, June 23, the Duchess of Placentia Palace will host this unique show that has traveled with unprecedented success in Europe, America, Canada and Africa.
We expect everyone there to sing along and fill our hearts helping our fellow homeless people in need.
Ticket: 15 €, at the entrance of the concert and from the Human People at 210.6713399

Swimming event for Human People on May 11

Two exceptional young people, the famous nutritionist and polynikis swimmer Tonia Machaira and triathlete Lefteris Paraskevas, who represented successfully Greece in international CELTMAN contest in Scotland 2013, join in the effort of the organization HUMAN PEOPLE, to eliminate homelessness exhibit.
On May 11 at 9 am at the pool of the Neo Psychiko Sports Center, Lefteris Paraskevas and Tonia Machaira organize a swimming event under the auspices of the Municipality of Filothei-Neo Psychiko. Its goal is to gather as much money, clothing, food or other useful goods for the needs of the homeless.
The pool is divided into six tracks, each with a different activity and different participation fee.
• Route 1: learning technique from Tony Machaira, Alexander Tsolto and Lefteris Paraskevas. Cost 15 euros. Learning Duration 20 minutes per participant.
• Route 2: 2 hour swim straight with one five minute break. Cost 15 euros. (There will be volunteers who will count the kilometers traveled by every participant)
• Routes 3-4: 1 hour swimming without a break. Cost 10 euros. (There will be volunteers who will count the kilometers traveled by each participant)
• Routes 5-6: swimming in relay format. Swimmers will choose how long they shall swim. Cost 10 euros and a 15 minutes maximum time of swimming.
The money raised from the event will be used in purchasing furniture and household equipment at cost price from stores “Andreadis homestores”.
Those wishing to provide food, clothing, furniture or household equipment without partcipating in the event can come from 9-12 am at the swimming pool where there will be a special screening room.
Objects, food and furniture will be given to nonprofit organization HUMAN PEOPLE, responsible for the care of socially burdensome and our homeless fellowmen.
PLEASE spread the word.

The opening of the first Social House

On April 16, the Mayor of Athens Mr Kaminis and the President of Human People Ms. Vera Messini opened the Social House that we were preparing for several months. On Holy Thursday, the first tenants, homeless our fellowmen until yesterday, arrived.
Athens Mayor Mr Kaminis at the opening of the first Social House
Athens Mayor Mr. Kaminis visits the first Social House in the center of Athens, amid the crowd of journalists from printed and electronic media

Reporters came to the building early in the morning, ready for the opening of the first Social House. TV stations, newspapers and blogs have given their presence

Tour of the Mayor by the president of Human Persons Ms. Messini
With evident joy on her face, the president of Human Persons Ms. Vera Messini. A months-long laborious effort successfully completed today
Athens Mayor and the President of Human Persons Ms. Vera Messini, in the first Social House
At the common lounge of the Social House, Mayor Kaminis, with the deputy mayor Ms. Giannopoulou, the head of the Commission Ms. Katsouli, the Social Worker of the Municipality Ms. Danalatou and other partners at the opening day
At the press conference, Mayor Kaminis, between the Deputy Mayor Ms. Giannopoulou and the President of Human Persons Ms. Messini
Mayor Kaminis and Deputy Mayor Ms. Giannopoulou

Vodafone World of Difference supports Human People

The “Vodafone World of Difference” program, elected in 2014 ten winners that will work in charitable organizations for six months and Vodafone will cover their salary. These include a Coordinator for Human People, whom we had a great need for. Fanis Lekkas incorporated in our team since January, in order to help build Social Houses for our Homeless fellowmen. Our goal is to build houses for homeless families and support them to live with dignity.

During the past three years, the “Vodafone World of Difference” program gave the opportunity to 14 winners to work in non-profit organizations in all regions of Greece, offering important work in the local community