How can I help?

We ask your active support basically for housing many more families with kids in poverty and homeless people,in empty spaces that have and will be offered to us.
We expect you to help us in any way you can and want.

Become a friend of our Company for 20 Euro per year. If you can afford any larger amount it will be deemed as a donation for the purposes of the Company.

Soon we will need:

Any furniture you no longer need: beds, tables, chairs, electrical appliances, blankets etc. to equip the premises.

A special committee will deal with feeding, clothing and medical care of people.

If you have a vacant apartment in this difficult time, you can offer it for the homeless through our company, for example for 2 years, and we will undertake the repair and maintenance, as well as the costs of electricity and water.

You can contribute in any way you want.

We want you near us, for providing any assistance to our fellow citizens.

Thank you.

Account Number ALPHA BANK: 987 00 2002 004675
IBAN: GR 96 0140 9870 9870 0200 2004 675
Please leave your details with each deposit, so that we can issue the invoice