Human People

-Main purpose: Turn to our fellow citizens with generous attitude, support and
directly assist them with care and love.

-Requirement: Awareness of personal responsibility towards the whole,
emotional awareness, participation and contribution of everyone according to
his ability

Ethical human choices that can provide support, relief, small joys to others.
Planning priorities and possibilities.
Instant support: food, shelter, clothing, health care, job offers.
Everything will be done with joy.

-The overall goal: Raising more and more people about our responsibility for
the situation of our planet.

Encouragement and commitment to:
1. Economize.
2. Save energy in every home.
3. Reduce wastage of water.
4. Careful recycling.
5. Avoid pollution of marine waters, etc. with litter, plastics, cigarette butts, etc.
6. Reduce gasoline consumption as possible.
7. Planting.
8. Minimize use of plastic etc.

As Greek-Citizens we have to commit:
1. Job responsibly.
2. Honesty in our dealings with our fellow man and the state.
3. Find and propose solutions to businesses and manufacturers to reduce the
uncontrolled pollution of the environment.
4. Prefer Greek products to support domestic production.

-Moral Commitment:
1. We recognize the existence of neighbor saying: Good morning!
2. We warmly embrace all children of the world.
3. We offer our interest and love in every possible way, and not only material.
With open hearts and always available.

-With a final goal:
To highlight the Human Man within us that feels united with the whole world!

-Our hopes:
The limit of our offer to reach the Unlimited!
As more people will unite the Human "Chain" will grow and spread.